Leeds Based Photographer

I was born in Poland but I have been travelling a lot to find my place in world and for now i settle down in Leeds. I like the city and people living here. Surroundings are really inspiring and only thing i’m missing sometimes its a bit more of sun:)

My adventure with photography

started when I was a kid. I was running around with the analogue camera of my Dad. Then for the first time I discovered the incredible power of stopping the moment or memories in one image and restoring it to myself at any moment.

It has been years since the first photo and I have worked on the technique of thousands of photographs taken, courses and photo school.

Property Photography

I’m making Interior photos for several years now. At first, I mainly did it for my own needs. Today, hundreds of photos later, I co-operates with companies and individual designers throughout Europe. Each project is a new challenge, especially when the attention to detail and the WOW effect are very much desired in this industry.

I like taking pictures

Obviously, photography is not just about work. It’s about experimenting and looking at different fields of photography, portraiture, street scenes, photoshop imaginations. Some of my more interesting work I decided to put for sell in a small boutique online. The prints there will be prepared on good quality photographic paper and framed so that they can be hung on the wall immediately.

I know that I have not discovered everything yet, and the best pictures yet before me. Therefore, I invite you to my profiles on instagram or facebook where you can look at what is on my topic at the moment.

Portrait photography

I love when people smile, and they usually do if they can see their self in the way they never expect. When the light and perspective can show the best of their image. There is nothing more challenging for me than catching that few moments when emotion are just freeze true and mesmerising.

Why Square A Lot?

Because i like to swear and squre… a lot;) But honestly it started back when Instagram aloud us only to post squere photos and also because one of the oldest photography format was also square (6×6″) which is challenging to make a good photo.