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Photo Challenging Myself

Everyone who follows my blog or instagram knows that I has been dealing with photography and its various aspects for a long time. So far, I’ve been trying to avoid shooting people. Due to my introvert personality, photographing people was too challenging for me.
but i read once that life starts only when you leave your comfort zones.
Why not to try? Especially, that such photos, one of those successful ones, give me the most joy.

One session that changed everything.

I put on my instagram info that I am looking for new faces for my portraits and people started DM me for collaboration. The first sessions were quite stiff and it was hard to find out what to expect from them. But I knew that with each session I open myself more and more and I manage to improve my pictures.
When Audrey (dedeexpressions) spoke to me I told myself, lets go crazy, I had enough shooting in parks, lets go to Blackpool.

Blackpool Photoshoot

And it was a very good idea

Just an hour’s journey and good coffee made it possible to overcome a bit of shyness. Add some sunshine (even when it was only 5 degrees Celsius) and the beach and a lot of new spots for shooting and you have perfect combination for a great day.

I did not expect this

We are already at the last location, an ordinary old brick wall in a narrow street near Blackpool. Suddenly the sound of the engine is heard and we both hope that it is not the chainsaw with which someone will be following us right away 😉 But it wasn’t that. After a while, the door opened, from which a beautiful Indian motor left. I usually overthink everything but this time i just ran to the owner and asked if we could use it for photos. He agreed without a problem and thanks to that we had the last picture from the day that none of us expected …

Indian Motorbike

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