Paris. You can love it. You can hate it. But you must visit.

My first trip to Paris was in September 2017. Who has not heard about this city? How many films were shot there and how many were mentioned about this city? A city of love, an iron lady and recently popular thanks to riots in the streets and railway strikes.
The truth is that you can read something, watch pictures and if you do not experience something yourself, you will not know how it really is.
Paris can not be discovered in two days.
Especially if you are tourists like me. No plan, no list of one hundred and fifty sights to see.

Of course, the Eiffel Tower is a number one on the list…

yeah not so impressive until you stand under it. When I first saw her the first time from afar, between buildings, I was a little disappointed. It was only when I stood right under her that I was stunned. Massive metal construction makes a great impression especially with night lighting.

It is also worth to wait in que over an hour to get to the top. This is a view of Paris, which stays in memory for a long time.

The second trip

Ha! this time I have a guide. Audrey from Les Dèdexpressions shows me Paris from the point of view of someone who lived there.

Les Dedexpressions in Paris

of course, we ran through popular places like Place Du Tertre full of artists or Louvre full of tourists and if you’re a fan of chasing people off with your selfie stick, you are more than welcome to go there on the weekend;)
I had to see the Arch of Triumph because of my grandfather who was there over 40 years ago. It was his stories that always pushed me to see something more in life. I bet, however, that forty years ago a roundabout in around the arch was not full of suicidal selfie lovers, standing on the winding cars for another captured photo on social media.

Hide your camera….

and feel the city. Turn into the alley that leads to nowhere, go to the cafe which is not in the guide. Try Tartare, wine, and dessert whose name you can not remember. Lie on the grass in the park and let the eclairs from L’Eclair de Géna melt in your mouth, take a stroll along the Seine, get lost in the subway (which was difficult with a guide like mine, lucky me :)) Have a coffee and just watch people rushing somewhere while you can just chill…
I fell in love and I can not wait to get back there.

I’m curious about your experience with this city? tell me about it

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